Thursday, June 24, 2010

And it all started with a wagon ride.....

For about 30 minutes tonight, we experienced a series of mishaps!  I asked Keith if he wanted to take the boys on a wagon ride since the grass was too wet from the rain.
Carter had his shoes on, so we got put on Dylan's hoes.
Then we discovered Stella had somewhat of an accident and Keith was taking care of her.
I was back in our room and heard Keith yelling to come to the kitchen quick.
I got there just in time to see Carter dump and entire bag of pretzels onto the floor.
I picked them up with a couple helpers as they grunted and shouted "uh oh", "ooh", ""uuuuh"
Then I got our little vacuum to sweep up the salt.
We keep the boys' brooms in the same closet because they think it's fun to sweep when we do.
Dylan is sweeping away, then I hear another scream.
Carter pinched his finger in the closet door, some hard crying but the finger is doing OK!  Nothing a couple momma kisses couldn't fix.
Then we got everything put away.
Now Dylan is taking his shoes off!!!
Ahhh....deep breaths!  We almost cancelled the walk. 
Of course we only made it about two blocks because the boys were trying so hard to escape! 

Here are some pics from this weekend at my parents' house.  My boys doing their favorite thing, "jumping" (really walking) off of a ledge and crash landing!

It's funny because Carter has no fear and will just go for it, Dylan thinks about it and will sometimes hesitate for a minute.  And of course after thinking it over always finds it to be a good decision!

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