Friday, June 25, 2010

A funny story about these two...

When we were at my parents' house, the boys were sleeping in pack and plays with about a foot in between the two.  One morning Keith went in and secretly watched them for about 5 minutes laughing at the two because they were both standing up playing with each other.  One would squat down below the edge of the bed and pop up and say "boo", both would laugh hysterically, then the other would squat down and do the same and I guess they were just laughing their little hearts out, I wish I had seen them playing. 

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MJ Lamon said...

Only people with twins get to experience such silliness! Your guys are getting cutier. I swear.

Mom of twins! said...

That is one of the best part of having twins! I love hearing that laughter between them when they play like that! We have our cribs across the room now from each other and they still do that at 2 years old!


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