Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Great To Do List!

I’m a big to do list maker, however, I have noticed I haven’t been crossing many things off the list lately. So maybe posting it on here, will make me be responsible to get it done!

Paint backside of house
Paint exterior windows
Finish Jeff’s (my brother) birthday present (his birthday was in April)
Put all of our videos from our camera together onto one DVD
Print our blog into a book (I have started this about three times)
Refresh and update our blog
Join a multiples club, I have been wanting to do this since the boys were born
Backup blog
Go to the dentist for 6 month check-up, I completely missed this appointment three weeks ago and need to reschedule
Take the boys to the dentist for the first time
Find a new general practitioner and have iron checked again. It was off the charts about a year ago, so I am supposed to get checked again.
Plan / Prep for our Hawaii trip / load up on beach gear and sandals!
I’m a buzz agent and haven’t been doing my duty – oops, I guess this should be at the top of the list
Get a life insurance policy, Keith has one, I do not and should
Draft a living will
Get the boys’ hair cut, they look like they are wearing helmets
Take the photography class that was free with our camera we bought last winter
Spray paint our fireplace insert and add trim to mantel and finally complete that project!
Get the manicure / pedicure / massage Keith gave me for Mother’s Day
Reorganize and store the boys’ clothes and all the toys they have outgrown

Activities I want to do this summer
Go to the Downtown Farmers Market
Go to a Twins game at the new stadium
Take the boys to the zoo
Go to the Iowa State Fair & Minnesota State Fair
Take the boys to the pool
Keith’s 10 yr reunion

Summer plans on the calendar
Baxter Fun Days / 10yr class reunion
Kirby – Demmel Nuptials (This is probably going to be a pretty awesome wedding and probably not the first time Craig bought 200 of his closest friends drinks for the night)
9th annual Ozarks trip with the Kenworthys

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Andrea said...

Oh, the downtown farmer's market is amazing!! so fun, you should def. go there more than once this summer!!

Emily said...

Happy summer to you! I'm with the Iowa State Fair and would be happy to answer any questions about planning your trip! Did you know we have a twins contest? It's on opening day, Thursday, August 12.


mikeandsarah said...

I'd start with the most life threatening ones like getting your iron checked- this scares me! You should save the mani-pedi for right before your Hawaii trip. No worries, you'll get it all done in due time, you're a great mom and that trumps all to-do lists!!! Good luck!

The Bormann Family said...

No worries Sarah- I did go back after am month and it was within range, but they wanted me to come back and I haven't made it. Soon hopefully!


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