Monday, June 28, 2010

1 week in big boy beds!

I was very nervous about making this switch and couldn't be happier with how well it is going!  For the most part, they have been doing really well.  The first ten minutes they goof off a little, but usually settle down pretty quick and go to sleep.  The second night Carter was out for a while and found two outfits on the floor and ended up sleeping with both of them bunched up as a pillow.
Our biggest problem, which I had anticipated, was our first nap on Saturday.  I think Carter would have done fine, but Dylan was really fired up and did not want to go to sleep.  At first they were jumping off their beds, got into the closet, were running around, opening and closing the door and laughing at each other.  Keith went in a couple times to calm them down.  Carter finally stayed in bed and fell asleep.  Dylan cried by the gate for a while and then finally went to sleep. 
Overall, it has been going well. They have actually been sleeping a little longer too, until 7 on Sat and Sun!  Now the downside is they really can wake each other up now. Saturday morning Carter would have slept longer, but was suddenly woken up when Dylan climbed on top of him and tried to give him a pacifier. 
And our new favorite thing to do is spy on our sleeping or "not sleeping" boys!  We finally gave in and bought a video monitor, I LOVE it!  It's nice because once you close the door, you can't really go back in, so now we can see what they are up to!  I wish I would have bought it months ago.  We will have another child someday so we will get plenty of use out of it.
I think Dylan is still jealous of Carter's garden view!
Carter loves getting into his bed, I have found him laying in it several times now!
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