Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love these boys!

This morning Dylan was trying to dress himself - by putting back on his PJs.  I came out and he had each arm through the legs of his shorts.  Then he tried to get the shirt on too.

These two are so impressionable right now!  Right now they are just watching every move we make and always trying to do it too.

Keith has a bad sunburn, so I have been putting lotion on his back. Then Dylan wanted some lotion, which I normally give him to put on his tummy, but instead of his stomach he was trying really hard to put it on his back. 
When we get out of the car now, they try and shut the doors (I don't really like this one)
I'm hearing a lot of "NO NOOO" with a pointed finger.
When Keith puts the boys in his truck, he usually sits Dylan in the drivers seat while he puts Carter in his car seat and Dylan has been trying to put on the seat belt or he will stand at the wheel and start turning the wheel

And I love how only the purple tooth brush is cool to use now! 
I love how funny they are bringing us stuff- today Carter brought me out about three different T-shirts to wear (of course I now have a huge pile on the floor in my room now)
I love how they like to give me kisses and they usually start with a big mmmmmmmmm
I love how sometimes they will find some socks and try to put them on me - always at the most random times.
I love when I sing a song, sometimes they will start doing the motions and say a few parts of the words, like if I say row, row your boat, I'll a rooow row and their little arms get to rowing. 

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

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