Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And the twin tricks begin!

I'M BACK!!!  After 17 hours of travel and a horrible stand by experience I finally made it to our house around 1 am.   I'll share my stories on how to become a stand by expert tomorrow.
SO HAPPY to see all three of my boys again, we did a lot of snuggling tonight.  Keith's mom has been up helping out while I was in Houston, but want to share a funny story they told me.  
One evening Keith went to work out and Susie put the boys to bed.  Well, later that evening Keith went to check on them before he went to bed and noticed they were in the wrong cribs, so he managed to switch them to the appropriate cribs.  Well, she said when she went to put them to bed, they went to those cribs- so the little rascals knew they were getting into the wrong beds.  I'm just surprised they went right to sleep.  She said they didn't even fuss.   

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Mom of twins! said...

That was too funny! The women that helps me on Friday, but the boys to bed for naps and when she asked them which crib- they both said the others!!! When I went to check on them after, I was so confused and had a good laugh that they tricked her!!


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