Monday, June 21, 2010

We finally built up enough courage to make the switch!

YES!  We finally decided to give this big boy bed idea a try (I guess not technically a big bed, but they have freedom)!  I just didn't want them to get hurt falling out of the crib and if this doesn't work for us, we can always put the fronts back onto the cribs.  So tonight was a busy night.  We had one last really fun crib party before we made the change.  I am a little sad as this is one of the last "baby" things they still have.  But I think it is time. 

Tonight we had to bolt the long dresser onto the wall, add a few drawer clips, shorten any curtain cords and then we converted the beds.  As you can see, my husband doesn't mess around with even the littlest projects.  According to him, this job did require a tool belt!
I think Dylan was a little jealous when he realized Carter had the window view the entire time!
Looks a little strange!  Of course after we took the fronts off, I suddenly realized that since the back sides of our cribs are high, we could have turned them around and had the short edge face the wall and they wouldn't have been able to escape.  Probably would have felt like a jail cell.  This option may remain as my plan B. 
So far it went better than I expected.  By the time we finished everything it was about 45 minutes past bedtime so they were a little extra tired, which I actually think worked in our favor.  Both stayed in their beds and went to sleep!  The big question will be if they wake up tonight or what they will do in the morning.  I sure wish I had a video monitor to spy on them.  I am seriously considering buying one. 
I'll do an update post later this week!

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Josh and Anna said...

When Evan started climbing out of his crib I tried to turn the crib around so that the shorter side was facing the didn't work. Evan could still climb out! So we ended up converting to the toddler bed anyways. Hope your boys stay in!


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