Monday, June 28, 2010

Two funny stories about these two...

This morning within the first few minutes everyone woke up, we were sitting in our room and Keith was holding Carter.  It was funny because I caught Dylan look up at Carter, look down at his shirt, they made some sort of eye contact and he walked out of our room.  I said to Keith it seemed like they were saying something to each other.  Carter was wearing a bright orange shirt, Dylan in blue. 
Dylan walks back into our room without his shirt on, carrying an orange shirt.  There was a laundry basket of clean clothes in the living room, he went out there, dug through the basket and brought back his only orange shirt!  I guess he thought they should be wearing the same color. 
Notice Dylan sporting socks with his sandals, he wouldn't leave the house without them on (and they were also dirty).
Tonight I picked them up at daycare tonight and they were still playing outside.  Carter had a bunch of dirt and stuff on butt and Dylan went up to him and brushed it off for him.  He is such a big brother!
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Mom said...

Whoo, very strange. A twin thing? They are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Twins shirts. I can't wait to see you guys at Fun Days. Kristy


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