Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rose Festival

Last week when we were in Iowa, we went to Rose Festival, Keith's hometowns' annual festival.  We hadn't been since 2003!  We took the boys in the morning to see the parade.  Unfortunately, we forgot our camera at home, had I not, you would have seen about 5 strollers lined up!  A lot of the people Keith went to school with have kids within a year of the boys.  Now only if we could have let them all out of the strollers and run around! 

It was pretty hot out, so we didn't stick around too long.  Plus the boys really are only good in their strollers for about 20 minutes these days.  Once we got back to my parents, Keith decided he wanted to go back and hang out with some of his friends for the afternoon.  Then later that evening after the boys went to bed, we went back for the street dance. So Keith made three trips to State Center.  We didn't stay too late at the dance because a big storm was about to hit State Center.  It was a lot of fun to get back and see everyone.  Hopefully we will see everyone again at Keith's 10 year class reunion in July and all the kids will have a chance to run around and play. 

Last weekend we went out two nights in a row without the boys! CRAZY!  Thanks Mom and Dad for watching them.
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