Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where is Carter?

Lately this boy has been MIA!  Sometimes I will find him hiding back in his bed.  But right now he is really into opening and closing doors!  Not my favorite thing right now.  So we have to be careful that he doesn't go outside without us knowing.  He has not mastered regular knobs, but levers are NO PROBLEM!  Our house external doors don't have levers, so it is just the patio door to watch out for.  But this weekend we really had to watch out for him because at my parents house there are two hallways with lots of doors and he would go into a room and close the door and get stuck in the room.  Of course we tried to keep them shut, but then he would always find one open door.  My sister has levers on her exterior doors and he about made it out to the garage and through the front door a couple times. Then a couple times I would have to go back and quickly open doors one-by-one and find the guy.  At  Cade's birthday party we had to lock the doors!  So watch out, this guy is on the run!  Actually, at daycare, they told me they had to add a safety to one of the doors because both of them kept opening the doors.  Crazy Boys!

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