Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Celebrating their individuality...

{Carter & Dylan}
Love the long sleeves in 90 degrees?  Carter picked them out, so that is what we went with for the evening.
The boys are so similiar in so many ways, I often times wonder if I neglect focusing on their individual personalities and growing them as Carter and Dylan, not the Bormann Twins.  In many situations, I often treat them as one.  For example, we had a meeting with their daycare teacher a couple months ago to review milestones and she asked if we wanted to go through the sheets seperate or go through both boys together.  Of course I naturally said lets do both at once.  And outside of a couple things, they were right with each other on each task. 
Sometimes I wonder if when they are older and asks for a picture of him on his first day of school and I am only able to find one of him and his brother, what will he think, will he be disapointed?  Or that they probably won't have their "own" birthday parties.  On the other hand, they have something rare and special that they get to go through life with a best friend.
As they get older, I do hope to make special days and outings for each with one-on-one mom or dad time.   

{Dylan & Carter}
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Kellie said...

No worries. I have very few pics of just myself when we were growing up. They are always of both Kara and me and it never bothered me in the least. I also never minded sharing a b-day w/ her b/c that is just how it always was. My parents did however get us our own cakes. So that is a good idea. :)


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