Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A busy weekend in Baxter!

Lots of pictures coming soon!  What a busy weekend, I think I will use bullets:
  • Friday we took half days and got back to Baxter early.  We then transformed a bedroom into a little boy room, with two mattresses on the floor.  I'm thinking when we go to Hawaii the chances of the boys surviving a week in the pack and plays would be a dream, so we thought we could get them used to this set-up now.
  • We had dinner with the fam and Keith and I went to the bar for a while and hung out with some friends
  • Saturday was the fun walk, parade, games at the park, baby shower, class reunion and street dance
  • I was exhausted after Saturday, I probably haven't attended that many events in the past 6 months
  • Sunday = sleep day.  After a solid week of late nights/early mornings and a busy weekend I was exhausted.  I got up with the boys in the morning, then Keith let me nap from 9-11, then I fell asleep when the boys had their nap and got about 2 extra hours of sleep! 
  • Sunday night was Cade's bday party
  • Last minute we decided driving back Sunday night would be better than Monday morning, so we quickly packed and hit the road about 9:00 and got back 12:30ish.
That sums it up, I will write more tomorrow.  I am a little grumpy tonight, I will write more when I am in a happier state.

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