Saturday, July 24, 2010

People should think twice before acting...

Tonight we were outside playing with the boys when man who lives on our corner practically jumped over the fence screaming and threatening me!  First off, I have maybe waved at this guy once in the four years I have lived here and probably wouldn't even recognize him if I walked past him, so I was completely caught off guard even seeing the guy.

Apparently he got a letter from the city because somebody complained about his dog barking (he has a big scary dog).  I am not certain what the letter meant for him and his dog.  He was mad at me because Stella runs to the fence and gets his dog fired up and the dog starts barking.  It is really annoying, but did not know it was causing a huge interruption to the block. 

So the guy just starts screaming at the top of his lungs and using every swear word in the book and threatening me waving the letter screaming about the letter and my dog and how she better not come near the fence and basically ended it calling me a bleep, bleep, bleep bitch.  I was in a bit of shock and didn't say much other than that I didn't write the letter and that he could have asked me nicely and he screamed back that he doesn't bleep, bleep, bleep know how to ask nice -whatever that means? 

For the record, this dog barks even at times when Stella isn't around. Anyhow, if he would have just told me he got a letter and Stella was part of the problem I would have been more than happy to make sure she stayed away from the fence.

Honestly, I have never been threatened or yelled at like that before and was really afraid that he was going to jump over the fence and attack us.  I really wanted to call the police, but after witnessing his reaction regarding the letter about his dog, I was a little scared for what he would do to me.  Especially since I am only two houses away. 

So my point of sharing this is, the dog probably wasn't causing anyone major harm that they had to call the city on this psycho.  I'm sure most people would have taken the letter in stride, but there are a lot of creepy weirdos out there and you never know who they are going to go after with, threaten or hurt when they go into a rage. 


Josh and Anna said...

Honestly, I think you should make a complaint with the police. Whether your dog had anything to do with his complaint letter isn't the point. He had no right to come over and scream at you like that. If he'd have just came over and said something to you, in a nice, calm manner then that's fine. But you don't deserve to be harassed. (That's just my opinion after working for a sheriff's office for 4.5 years.)

krmccord said...

Wow, that is scary! I would have been in shock too and probably wouldn't have said much. I hate how after the fact I always think of things I wish I would have said. If he comes back, definitely call the police. Yikes!!

Kellie said...

He is whacko. Did Mitch tell you he asked Jason about it? Also, his dog barks at ME when I leave our house. What the heck am I supposed to do? Not go outside? If you ask me this is NOT your problem but his. He needs to train his dog not to bark at EVERYTHING. But he's a jerk.

Also, I love what he said to Mitch too. He thought he and Wade were snooping in his garage and called him a nosey little asshole. Um, hello? Have you seen Mitch? He's definitely not little! :)


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