Monday, July 26, 2010

4 years ago

Today marks my 4 year anniversary at JT Mega!  I can't believe it has been four years.  We are always working on things months, sometimes years in advance, so it always seems like days just fly off the calendar.   I've always said, and still feel the same way, since it is such a fast paced environment, it is a rare day when I look at the clock to see how long until I can go home, it is always how much time do I have left?  Plus I work with a lot of great people and all the Hormel team we work with is awesome, which helps to keep you motivated.
My anniversary got me thinking about the past.  First off, after looking at some pictures, I can't say the past four years have been kind to me!  (Yikes, just bought some wrinkle cream yesterday)  On June 26th, we packed up, left New Jersey and made our last big road trip to Minnesota.  And then we had a lot of big changes, fast.  I started my job July 26th, we bought our first house that October, got a crazy little puppy the following spring and now we are total grown-ups with KIDS! 
Today at work I decided an anniversary might be a good day for a little spring cleaning.  I came to the conclusion that even though I try daily, I will never get around to sorting all my emails and moved over 6,000 emails to an "unsorted" folder.  Then I backed up all my other files on the server and while I was waiting for that to transfer I checked my name on the route list of probably at least 50 trade pubs that had been stacked on my desk for months.  I would love to read them, but I don't think it is going to happen!  It felt good to get rid of the clutter.  And good to know my email isn't at risk of blowing up any day now, because I always get 90% full messages the days I am swamped!

This was our last night in Philly.  A few co-workers took us out and we had a wild night to say the least.  I still miss these guys.  What we miss the most about living out East was the AMAZING FOOD, being so close to NYC, the shore and all the fun places to travel to.  We miss our friends Jim and Laurie too, they were a blast!
This was at my first JT Mega holiday party.  I went as Brittney Spears (back in her KFed days).  Notice Carrie Bradshaw behind me. 
Christmas that year, not my best pic but I completely forgot how long my hair was.  Looking at the pics makes me want to grow it out again.  (As if I would style it???)
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