Monday, July 5, 2010

We've been spying on our kids!

Totally wish we would have bought this about a year ago!  Now that the boys can get in and out of bed, it is very comforting to be able to see what all the laughing or screaming is about without interrupting.  So now I sit and watch this for about 10 minutes after they go to bed.  The downside is the room isn't big enough to show both beds, but we can crack the door open a little to peek on Dylan. 
Yesterday we had our worst nap yet!  They were having so much fun in there, sleep was the last thing on their minds.  They must have got in and out of bed 20 times, were opening and closing the door, threw all their blankets in the hallway, basically anything but going to sleep!  We went in a few times to try and calm them down, but still struggled.  At one point I see this big plastic lid bop across the room, one got into the closet and had the laundry basket lid on his head, I couldn't help but laugh at that one. 
Keith and I each spent probably a half hour holding the door so they couldn't open and close it.  Finally Dylan fell asleep on the floor (above) and Carter was about asleep.  Then he must have realized Dylan was on the floor and started laughing and laughing, he thought it was the funniest thing.  Then of course he couldn't leave him alone, so he laid down next to him and started kicking his leg a little, then when that didn't wake up Dylan he started to take his pacifier and pull his hair.  Then he got in trouble again, Keith put both in their own beds.  Then about 5 minutes later Carter was back in Dylan's bed.  Finally after about 2 hours of this, they fell asleep.
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Jon and Jennifer said...

Jess, we LOVE our video monitor like this and have had it sice the boys were born. you can buy a 2nd camera to go with it. What we're going to do is hang the camera on the wall above the door so we can see them when we make the switch to big boys beds.


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