Monday, July 26, 2010

Some things I'm loving....

{Mommy and Dylan}
We certainly have our rough days and are starting to get a sense of the upcoming terrible twos, or even worse, threes (so I hear), but I am loving the age they are right now.  They crack me up all the time.  Here are some things I'm loving:

The way they are so into shoes; often times, they will bring us our shoes and insist we put them on.  But what makes me laugh really hard are days like today when we are dressed for work and Dylan brought me flip flops and Carter brought Keith his running shoes.
They are so funny when they go on their potty and Carter always needs to wipe.
They are saying so much and I always laugh at the random words they choose to copy, lately they have been saying dude!
When they blow on their food to cool it off.
I love the way they dance, apparently, Carter is a fan if the Big Bang era.  We were at a restaurant and that type of music was playing and he was just jamming out.
I love how the first thing they do when they walk into our room is turn on the radio on the alarm clock.
I guess this has been the case for a while, but tonight I noticed at times when you hold them, they really grab on to you and wrap their arms around you tight. It is really sweet.
I still love how on an occasion I will go in to check on them sleeping and they will be sound asleep on their knees with their butts pointed up.  So CUTE!
I don't get them daily anymore, but I always love a good kiss from them.
I love when I pick them up from daycare and they come running for me as fast as they can possibly go!
I love how Carter is always "practicing his jumps" and I have no idea how we started calling it that.  Maybe because he rarely gets off the ground.
I love their animal sounds, my favorites are the elephant, rooster and Dylan's cat, i love when they do the fish face too.
I don't love this, but it makes me laugh a little- I will put their sandals on, then Carter will want to wear his shoes, then by the time I take Carters sandals off, shoes on, Dylan needs shoes too!

{Mommy and Carter}
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