Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The good and the bad of entertaining twin toddler boys!

Even though I miss the boys a lot during the day, I am OK with them going to daycare, otherwise they would be trapped within our house all day long!  The bad thing about two wild boys is I really can't take them many places on my own unless they are trapped by shopping cart or stroller and their patience for that is short.  So I doubt we would be able to get out and do all the fun mom things like library story hours, play dates at the park or playtime at the pool.  They do listen to Keith better than me, but he wouldn't trust them at a park or pool by himself either. Even if they are being good and not trying to runaway, they may each be trying to go up different ladders at the same time.  I think things like parks will get more manageable by next summer when we don't have to always be behind them making sure they don't miss a step.  I do sometimes wonder if I had been home with them since they were born if they would listen better than they do now.  Of course I realize I need to be more strict with them as well.  There is a set of girl twin their age at daycare and they just follow their dad in and out, no fuss and he doesn't have to hold their hands.  I guess these two just seem to be extra curious. 
The good!   A lot of moms told me you will love it when they get older because they will play together.  This I am really finding to be true.  They are always playing together and entertaining each other and it is a lot of fun to watch. I just told Keith last week that if we had only had one we would probably need twice as many toys because I bet they spend about half the night chasing each other around the house.  Or if one thinks something looks fun or gets a big idea, the other is always right behind. 
I'm lucky Keith is around quite a bit and pretty good about wanting to take them to parks and places on the weekends so we can take them together.

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