Thursday, July 15, 2010

And this sums up Tuesday!


On Tuesday I was in a fabulous mood leaving work!  It was the first night in a long time that I didn't have any work to do at night.  I also had a softball game and was sorta hoping for a rain out so I could stay home, unpack and catch-up.  Not a cloud in the sky except the one that was following me around!
So the first image would be my $128 fine for rolling through a red while turning right.  Yes, I do realize this is not the same as stopping.  Lesson learned, for the second time!  Here is my excuse- it's not great!  So as I am driving to my game I notice a digital billboard, which we are running some ads on in October- so I was glancing at it as I was driving in a daze thinking about our layouts and how I couldn't really read what was running on the billboard and that I needed to make sure our copy/images were large enough to see from a distance and the next thing I knew I was being pulled over.... URRR!  I wonder if I could expense this as research?  Probably not.
Since this is my second offense, the large fine was no surprise to me.  What I am really irritated about is my last ticket was July 24 of 2009, which equals two in one year.  So I was about 10 days shy of having this off my record!  I went from 2005-July 2009 with no tickets and now two in a year.  This was ALMOST off my record!  So now I am sure my insurance will go up.  I am also in the process of getting a life insurance policy, so I hope this doesn't impact the bracket I fall into since they factor in your driving record. 
Keith was a little mad at me when I brought the insurance up, but I reminded him that he was fined for the same thing about three years ago, so I am only one-up on him. 

And for my game... we are having a great season, had only one loss until Tuesday.  We got smoked the first inning, they scored 10 runs!  We were short an outfielder, which hurt.  It ended up being a close game, but still a loss.
And as I was putting my gear back into my car, I heard something fall onto the street... yep, my iphone!  I was a little surprised it shattered like this because I have dropped it several times. 
After a trip to AT&;T, World of Wireless and two trips to the Apple Store, this story has a happy ending.  They were super nice to Keith and ended up replacing the screen for free!!! WOO HOO!!!  Thank you Apple! I guess they are trying to put out a little good karma after all the iphone 4 drama. 
I now have the largest, thickest rubber case for my phone.  If this doesn't help protect it, I may need to consider wearing a full-time fanny pack! 

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krmccord said...

Bad day, indeed! That iPhone makes me sad!! I am glad they fixed it for free, though!


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