Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad's back!

We spent  most of the morning picking up around the house and playing.  Then we took the boys to Panera for lunch, which was a little chaotic.  Last night when we opened one of the boxes of the boys new shoes, we discovered that we only had one, so we had to go back and get its match.  So by the time we did all that, Keith's plane landed and we picked him up at the airport. 
Mom had to leave for a bday party in Iowa, so the four of us took a nice nap!  I was a little tired since Carter got up at 5:50.  After about an hour the boys took a nap.  At one point today I went into their room, the two were twirling in circles until they would fall down.  It seemed to make them a little tired at least!
The boys were glad to see their dad and I was glad the weekend went really well!  The boys were great most of the time, much better than the last bachelor party Keith attended.

Sometimes having two of everything doesn't work!
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