Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's only Tuesday....

Remember our dog Stella?    Poor girl, she is looking a little sad tonight.  I think she needs a vaca to Uncle Jeff's house.  I bet she is counting down for our Hawaii trip!
And feels like it should be Friday!  Keith has been working really hard on some big presentation/review he has for work.  He had one big meeting today where he said he got "destroyed" for three hours,  I bet it went a little better than that!  Then he has another day of it tomorrow. 
Last night Keith had his golf league and tonight I had my last regular season softball game.  Keith brought the boys for the very end, then we played at a park by the fields, so we had a nice night with the boys. 
I will be leaving here bright and early around 6:30 to get to Austin by 8:30 for a full-day photo shoot, so it has been a pretty hectic week.  Hopefully things will slow down towards the end of the week.
Friday Keith will be spending the weekend in Chicago for a bachelor party, so mom is going to come up and help out with the boys.
I will try to do some more blogging tomorrow night, I have lots of pics to post.  I was trying really hard to get to bed by 10, which turned into 10:30 and is now 10:46!  URRR.  Still before 11:00! 
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