Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cheers to the Happy Couples

I looked through our pics on our computer and found a pic or two from the majority of the weddings we have been to in the last 5-6 years.  I was pretty attached to my film camera and did not make the full transition until 2007ish, so unfortunately, I don't have pics from some older weddings.  Also, many images I didn't feel were great to include or I didn't have a good image of the bride or groom - so I probably don't even have half the weddings covered.  Also, I don't think I own a bridesmaid's dress without beer spilled down the front.  CLASSY!

My good friend Kristy's wedding, we both got married in 2005!
You know you have been to too many weddings when groomsmen requirements now include helping with the bustle.  Nice job Keith!
Buck-Goble wedding

Thrall - Krager - Dueling Pianos for a wedding receptions = AWESOME!

Boyington - Kenworthy
PAITZ's Wedding!  Where is he???

Tahlia's wedding in KC!  I think we had an extra good time at this wedding because we had a pre-party between the ceremony and reception. 

This may be our biggeest Shades showing yet.

Delta Girl at Berg's wedding
This is my friend Ali, who I worked with in New Jersey.  This was our first time going to a Jewish wedding, so it was fun to see all the traditions.  Everything took place at a historic building from the 1800s in Philadelphia.
Kelly and Eric's wedding - SW Iowa
Allspach - Pietig wedding - Mtown

Pfantz wedding

Tahlia's wedding

This is at Ashley and Brian's wedding, I was pregnant and selected as "driver".  It was a tight squeeze, but were able to shut Mark into the back:)

Knop - Kline wedding, Ida Grove

Kirby - Demmel - Omaha

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