Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello 1978!

Our stay at Bates motel can't be forgotten on our trip down wedding memory lane.  I do enjoy a good small town wedding, but Glenwood, Iowa is due for a hotel upgrade!  We definitely didn't take a bath in the tub at this motel or as Mark would put it, "the tub lined with shag carpet." Luckily Mark and Autumn roomed with us, so we got to have a good laugh together (more of a laugh AFTER we left).

I have no idea what they were hiding from us behind those locked doors!

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Jess said...

Oh my gosh!! That TV! That's hilarious. I wonder when (or if) they ever plan to update.

Mike and Sarah said...

Oh this is too funny! Oh Glenwood!!!!!

studio | KLINE Photography said...

I so remember this! All I have to say was I think I took about 5 showers after that hotel stay :) I was laughing again reading this post!!


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