Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Wedding Spoon game...

Many of you may be wondering, "why does this man have a fork in his hand on the dance floor," or "what is the wedding spoon game"???  Good question! It's only one of the most fun games we have played throughout multiple wedding receptions during the past four years.  Many of you brides may be unaware that this sneaky exchange occurred at your wedding!
It really wasn't even called the spoon game until just this past Saturday.  I believe the game originated at this young man's wedding, but with hair combs, not spoons.  Yep, it gets weirder! 
It was the Thrall - Krager wedding in 2006.  Their reception was at a country club that had hair combs in the bathrooms for guests.  My husband, Mark Kline and a couple others thought it would be fun to take those combs and when people weren't looking they would stick them in their pockets.  These combs traveled to multiple weddings and then at some point, it became an exchange of forks and now spoons! 
I got to be honest, as immature as this game may sound, it is REALLY FUN!  You sneak up on somebody, slip the item in a pocket and then everyone pretty much just waits for them to notice, somehow they are always surprised that they didn't notice and then lots of laughing is involved.  Usually there are multiple items floating around as well. 
I guess last wedding season we must have matured because I don't think we played the game at any weddings, but after a short hiatus.....IT'S BACK! 
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