Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're back!

Carter and Dylan waiting for us to get home!
This weekend Keith's parents came up to stay with the boys and we went on our 9th annual Lake of the Ozarks trip with the Kenworthys and a few other great friends as well.  I'm tired tonight, so I will write more about the trip tomorrow night. 
We sure did miss the boys while we were gone, we have left the boys separately several times, but this was the longest we had been away from them together. 
Carter did pretty well and stayed pretty close to Grandpa Bormann from the moment he arrived.  Dylan, being the big time mama's boy he is, missed his mom and dad.  Karl and Susie said he would walk around with his hands up and a confused look and say "mama", "mama gone", then they would both point at pictures a lot.  Then I guess he had Keith's shorts and was walking around with them saying "dad"!  So now I am nervous that the 8 days we are in Hawaii is going to be a little long for them. 
I have never seen them so excited as they were when we got home, Dylan practically jumped in my arms, squealing saying mama!  Carter hung on to Keith pretty tight as well.  Then they were little chatterboxes all night!

How about those smiles!  A BIG THANK YOU to grandpa and grandma Bormann for spending the weekend at our house and watching the boys!  The boys were pretty exhausted tonight, so I'm thinking the boys had a lot of fun and I'm glad to hear they didn't play any tricks on them! Though we missed the boys, we really enjoyed the time away!  I am really excited for Hawaii, but sure don't want to be away from them for that long, we sure will miss them.

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