Monday, August 30, 2010

So this is how my morning started...

Generally, I am a phenomenal sleeper!  My head hits the pillow and I am completely out!  Keith on the other hand, not so great!  So he is always popping up the minute one of the boys wakes up.  But since Keith has been out of town, I have been sleeping awful!  Then by the time I finally start to get into a deep sleep, the boys start to waking up!  Who else has kids around two that wake up a couple times at night still?  We had them sleeping through the night (11-5) at 9 weeks, then at four months they quit and I swear we have been battling it since. 
So back to this morning.  Around 5:00 I walk into their room to Dylan saying "I poo" and he laid down on the floor to be changed.  I guess he is dreaming this now because he didn't, but he still insisted on being changed.  Then when I went to grab a diaper he went back to bed - as did I.  At that time I took the gate off the door hoping that if they woke up they would just come snuggle with me.  
Well not too much later I hear the boys in the kitchen thinking they were getting their milks.  So I walk out to the kitchen and there is Carter trying to go out the back door!  So baby gates...IMPORTANT!  Locking your doors at night with toddlers, even more IMPORTANT!   I just heard a story on the news of a three year old wondering in a busy street who escaped without his parents knowing (he was OK).
Then at this point Dylan was back up and saying "I poo", brought Carter to our bed and he was about to go to sleep again, go back to the living room to find Dylan with his pants pulled down ready to be changed.  We didn't really need wipes, then before I can get the diaper on he is saying "butt wipes," goes and gets them, uses one, I put the diaper/pants back on, put both in bed with me.  That lasted about five minutes and then they were ready to start their day.  NOT ME!  Well, not Carter either, he was so tired he barely ate any breakfast. 
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