Tuesday, August 3, 2010

West Marshall Class of 2000 10 year reunion

On Saturday we went to Keith's 10 year reunion.  It was a two-part event.  Saturday morning/afternoon they had a family get-together.  The planning committee did an awesome job!  I can tell they all have kids the boys' age.  They had lots of riding toys, a water table, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, ice pops, lots of great food and drinks! I think all the kids had a lot of fun playing around.  I will do a separate post, but later that evening everyone left the little ones at home and we met at a restaurant in town for further celebration. 
The boys are working on future prom dates with Mia Christianson and Olivia Randall.  The girls are only 4-6 months younger than the boys, but they are about half their sizes. 
It didn't take long before all the little boys had their shirts off! 
Class pic with kids - not the best pic, but was fitting for the moment.  Probably should have taken it right when we got there before all the kids were getting sleepy!
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