Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking back

I don't miss these days!!! Well, maybe?  I can't say I don't miss the easy planning.  Dinner options:  cereal or cereal!  I have no memories of this going well.  I just remember singing Wheels on the Bus loudly above all the crying.
The boys used to eat anything if we sat on the floor and let them eat off a plate.  Notice Carter's black eye from his first day in the toddler room. 
And the Bjorn days.  Totally miss this!!!  I do like that they can walk holding our hands, but just because they CAN do that, doesn't mean they WILL do that.  I always felt much safer going in and out of daycare with the carrier.  It was much, much easier. 
And of course I miss these shaggy curls!!! 
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