Monday, January 4, 2010

What is this? Plates? Forks?

Good news, my boys may not be eating with their hands forever! First off, the boys HATE to be fed, so I pretty much never give them anything that they can't pick up with their hands. I send things like yogurt, oatmeal and pudding to daycare and let them battle it out.
So it had been a while since we had let them try silverware and we never gave them plates in fear that they would end up on the floor. So I figured they need to learn sooner or later.
So far they are doing a GREAT job. They have fun with it, they picked up on it right away and manage to get some bites into their mouths. I think by the end of their meals they are back to using their fingers. Since we started using the plates they have actually reduced the amount of food they throw (yes THROW, not accidentally drop) onto the floor). Bummer for Stella!

I'm pretty sure he is thinking what is up with this mom?

I like to play with the fork, but my fingers are much better!
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