Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve

Is it really 2010? I can hardly believe we are beginning a new decade already. Some people think NYE is over rated, but I have always been a big fan of NEW YEAR'S EVE! When I was in eighth grade I had a huge New Year's Eve party in my parent's basement with most of the junior high and spent almost my entire Christmas break cutting up newspapers to make confetti. Even to this day, there are pieces floating around down there.

Though I haven't been able to go all out these past couple of years, I thought I would share a decade of New Year's celebrations... well at least the years we had digital cameras. Not sure how much I can remember from 10 NYE celebrations, be prepared for lots of "happy New Year" hats....
2000 & 2001
Little fuzzy on these two. Did any of you hang out with me on these two? If so, please let me know what we did. I'm thinking:
We celebrated with the West Marshall gang. I believe Meredith was house sitting for a neighbor and we had a party at the house. That could have been another party, I'm not certain.
We hung out with the West Marshall group at Nikki's brother's house.
Did we do something with Eric and Kelly
Maybe we did something with the Baxter girls???
I may need to look through some photo alums.
I'm pretty certain we celebrated with Kaylan, TJ, Brett, Courtney, Angie, and maybe Sara. Kaylan, maybe you can help me out. Maybe Ben's house in Ankeny or a friend of Ben's? I guess we must have had a good time.
I'm pretty sure the reason I don't have any pictures is because one year we went to Ames for NYE and it was REALLY BORING!
A group of us went up to Minneapolis for the Cities 97 party. I remember having a good time, but can't really recall a lot from the evening.
I will never forget this NYE. At this time we lived in New Jersey, so we went up to NYC to celebrate with a group of friends from college. We went on a party boat that cruised around the Hudson. Then it was impossible to get a cab, so all of us were wondering around the city trying to find our way to nearest subway, we then lost half our party. Good thing Keith had his NYC pocket map or I'm not sure if we would have ever made it back to Rommi's apartment.
This was one of my favorite NYE celebrations. A huge group of us went to a NYE party at the Embassy Suites in Des Moines. They had a few bands and a huge balloon drop. We spent a good portion of the evening playing card games in our room and ended up on the local radio stations.
In 2007 we stayed close to home and went to a party with Wade and Kellie in Minneapolis. I played Guitar Hero for the first time at this party and we were hooked! So we spent the rest of the winter playing Guitar Hero.


With two, two month olds, NYE wasn't too crazy. However, we were in good company ringing in the new year with our neighbors Beth and Mitch.


Wade and Kellie had a fun get-together. To be honest the craziest part of the night would be the start, since there were 5 boys under 5 running around! I was so busy chasing the boys most of the night I didn't even snap one picture:( We had a great time though!


Kellie said...

Good times! And yes, it was definitely CRAZY at our house! We sure had to learn to baby proof fast! :)

malena_brunner said...

I was thinking, when was it that Sara, Mindy, and I went to some New Year's Eve party maybe in PCM and then we drove over to Eric Lane's house where you guys were and stayed the night tubbing, Sara's mom calling and making her come home, I think someone got sick....was that 1999-2000??? That might count in this past decade!


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