Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stella's food...relocation #6...

Keeping Stella's food in the bathroom didn't really work out. She wasn't really eating. So for a couple months we resorted to keeping it on the counter and she would whine at the counter whenever she wanted it. This turned into somewhat of an annoyance. See Stella used to eat like one or two times a day maybe. Now, about every half hour she needs a little sip of water. And I don't know why the boys have such a strong fascination with playing with her dishes, but I swear they could hear those dishes hit the kitchen floor a mile away. The first thing they do when we get home from daycare is run to the dishes and try to play with them before we can get to them. At this point Keith has had it and put them in the basement!
Since we have the gate at the top of the stairs, Stella has to jump through the banisters and then go down stairs for her food. It's going OK so far. I don't think she is overly impressed. However, she can now eat in peace and get to it whenever she wants.

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