Sunday, January 17, 2010

No more Fruit Loops for these fruit loops!

This afternoon we went to the Mall of America for a while to get the boys out of the house. For some reason when we got home I thought it would be a good idea to let them eat some Fruit Loops. They ended up eating quite a few. Then we got them in their high chairs for dinner and I went to the store for groceries.

Keith was pretty excited when I got home because he said as soon as he took them out of their high chairs they were bouncing off the walls. This was evident as one was standing in the kitchen loudly opening and shutting a cupboard door while the other was in the office banging on our desk. And both just had this goofy look in their eyes. Keith said they dumped out all their books, then went to the couch and threw off all the pillows, then he was sorting a laundry basket full of white socks and they were throwing them at each other. He said they just kept go from place to place around the house tearing into everything! Too much sugar maybe?

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Christina Lee said...

ADORABLE!! thanks for taking part in my SITS day!


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