Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dylan has become our little Mother Hen...

Dylan continues to play this Mother Hen role. He is always bringing pacifiers, shoes, blankets, etc. to Carter. A couple times this weekend, Carter was still napping and Dylan was playing in the living room and Carter started to cry and Dylan popped right up and marched back to the bedroom to check on Carter. Then tonight when I was putting lotion on Carter, Dylan started to help by rubbing it on Carters legs, arms and tummy.

One morning last week Keith had gotten up and made bottles and had them sitting in the living room where we feed the boys. In the meantime both woke up and he brought them in bed with me while he finished up a couple things. Dylan would not stay in bed and got out of the bed, walked out to the living room and came back a minute later with two bottles and brought one straight to Carter, it was so sweet.

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Kellie said...

What a sweet pea! Just looking out for his bigger little brother. :)


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