Sunday, January 3, 2010

14 months and growing....

The boys are a little over 14 months now so I thought I would give an update on what they have been up to.

  • They continue to be picky eaters, getting pickier by the day. And if you would believe it, they don't like sweets and every time I try to give them chocolate they push it right out of their mouths.
  • Their favorite foods are cheese (even getting picky on the type), strawberries, cantaloupe or really any fruit. I just gave them some Apple Jacks this weekend and they resisted trying and then liked them so much they would do a little dance for more of them.
  • Carter is a little obsessed with his blanket, he carries it around all the time.
  • We do two naps one around 9:00, one around 2:00. We will have to give up the morning nap soon when they move to their next room at daycare, I think I will miss it most.
  • They still really like Stella, I don't think she likes them.
  • I think their FAVORITE thing to do is CLIMB onto everything they can possibly get a foot or knee onto.
  • They still don't say a lot of words, but seem to know what we are saying. For example if we say "lets read stories", they go to the toy room and dig out books or "lets get our coat/shoes on" they go get their shoes or if we say "are you hungry or get in your chair" they go to their high chairs.
  • They love when we read them books.
  • Both dance all the time and love music! ESPECIALLY DYLAN!
  • They put themselves to sleep really well, but have been waking up a lot lately and it seems Dylan ends up in bed with us at least three times a week.
  • Dylan by far has more energy than Carter. Almost always the first one up and ready to start causing trouble.
  • Carter is around 26 pounds, Dylan about 25 pounds.
  • I can't carry them into daycare with the baby carrier anymore, so I try to get one to walk but it is certainly a struggle. Especially when they take off in the opposite direction. I wish I knew a better way to get them in and out every day.
  • They are getting so fast, they can't quite get the knees up to run, but pretty darn close. They are the fastest when they are running away because they have something they shouldn't.
  • They keep us really busy because of the constant chasing and messes they make, but they are at a REALLY FUN age!!!
  • They continue to interact more and more, which I absolutely love.
  • We finally dropped that night time bottle and are close to getting rid of the morning one. If I give them a sippy cup in the morning, they will throw it straight onto the floor and pretty much scream until they get their bottles.
  • We have some nasty molars about to break through, hopefully soon!
  • They sure know when we are coming and going, last night I put my coat on to go to the store and Dylan got his coat and tried to put it on and Carter clamped on and wouldn't let go, I sure felt bad leaving.
  • They love to "clean", every night we have to use three wash rags, one for each of them and one for us to actually clean.
  • A few favorite toys: lawn mowers, sit and spin (just for the music), books, push cars, kitchen stuff, pretty much anything that plays music.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

Jess, what I do for daycare when I have to drop off by myself is unbuckle one leave in car seat, go unbuckle the other one and pick up that one then go back and grab the 1st one by the arms get him to stand and then shut the door with my butt!! They are getting harder and harder to do this with because they are about 25lbs each and with the bulky coats, etc. oh I guess before I pick them up I have to put gloves on each of them, heaven forbid we leave them on in the car!


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