Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dylan woke up sounding absolutely awful yesterday morning and was working really hard to breathe. So Keith stayed home with him all day and took him to the doctor. He tested positive for RSV! I'm not sure why they didn't test him for it on Monday when we were there. However, there isn't a lot you can do for it. They did prescribe him Prednisone, which has helped a lot. He was sounding much better this morning, but we are still using the nebulizer too.

We first started using the nebulizer when the boys were around 4 months and it has always been a kicking & screaming process, but a 15 month year old adds an entire new level of challenges. He thinks it is fun to pick up the machine and has also discovered the on/off switch! So getting the full treatments in him has been rough. I'm hoping he will feel much better tomorrow.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

Hope they are better soon Jess!


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