Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Dr. Brown Bottles....

I do believe it is finally time we part ways! We did spend countless hours together these past 14 months, but I can't say you or your 5 parts will be missed. But my boys did love you!
We finally managed to get rid of our morning bottle! Earlier this week Keith was gone and I was on my own one morning and the boys and I woke up about an hour late. Since we were rushing, I thought maybe we could skip the bottle! We have started giving them cheerios in their snack cups in the morning and I figured out if we give them the cereal first they are more focused on that and weren't thinking about needing their bottles. So then I just gave them sippy cups with their cereal and they didn't even realize they didn't get their bottle.
I wasted no time packing them away! I had been eager to get them out of our cupboards for months now!
Of course as exciting as this is, it is just one more step away from being babies. They have almost grown out of the "baby" section at the stores and we have pretty much stopped using the diaper bag. Our boys are growing up!
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