Sunday, January 31, 2010

We finally got to meet Oliver!

Adam and Sarah had Oliver Richard on January 6. We have been trying to go to Iowa to meet him for the past few weekends but haven't been able to make it between the boys being sick and the weekly blizzards/ice storms Iowa has been getting. We had great weather finally and made it back to Iowa for the weekend.

Keith and I left the boys with my mom and went to visit Oliver on Saturday. Adam, Sarah and Oliver are doing great. They are even starting to get some longer stretches of sleep.

He looks little now, but it won't be long before he is running around and getting into everything with Dylan and Carter.

Uh Oh, looks like I lost my touch!

It was fun holding a little baby again, but talking to Adam and Sarah about those first weeks brought back lots of buried memories and confirmed that we are not ready to have another one for a long time!
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