Monday, January 18, 2010

Too funny!

Friday night the boys were in the best moods and were so much fun! Dylan was sitting on top of me and just started laughing so hard and in away we had never heard him laugh. I wish we would have gotten on video to share. You can see how red his face was and he had tears because he was laughing so hard.

They were both funny all night. Sometimes when I take their socks off I say "tickle, tickle, tickle" and tickle their feet. Carter had Dylan's feet and was was trying to tickle them say something like "chic, ch, ch". It was quite entertaining!

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Jen said...

There is nothing like the laughter of children. My kids had the biggest belly laughs when they were kids. It would crack me up just to listen to them laugh.
Good thing they have diapers on.


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