Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's that time of year....a New Year's Resolution

I'm not to big into New Year's resolutions, but this year I decided I would make one. And that would be to try to be a little bit more of a neat freak and a little less of a pack rat around the house!

A little background....
So some people have a little something about them that if they leave the house without making the bed, they are all out of sorts for the day. WELL, neither Keith or me were given that gene. Not even sure the last time I made my bed, it's pretty much at the very, very bottom of the list of things to accomplish in a day. Here are some of our other flaws when it comes to a spotless house:
  • I'm not so good about putting my clothes away when I get home from work, it's just much easier to collect them in a nice pile on the floor than putting them away. Keith is better, but has his own collection on the floor as well.
  • BOXES! This is an issue for both of us. Maybe just early hoarder signs, but we have a REALLY hard time throwing away boxes. We actually classified a room in our basement as the "box" room, which probably has at least 30 boxes, that aren't going anywhere. We'll just try to stop adding to it unless it is a really good box of course.
  • Then I guess you could say I might have attachment issues, I just feel bad tossing anything that still seems useful or sentimental! So I have all your Christmas cards or anything special any of you have ever given me, lots of old clothes that I MIGHT wear again and lots of other great things around our house. Good thing we have a big basement.
  • One of Keith's bad habits is he tends to put empty or almost empty boxes back in the cupboard. He must think I like chip crumbs! I won't even get started on the junk he pulls out of his pockets every night.
  • Then even when I do work so hard to clean, my little boys like to open our drawers and throw all the contents on the floor, so that is a daily battle!
  • And that mail pile...we can never keep ahead of that one!
  • Oh... and I'm that person who keeps all the bows from the Christmas presents.

So you see we have some areas to work on. However, I always think I will have a lot more valuable memories playing with my boys than cleaning my house so I don't stress too much if things aren't perfect. And a lot of days I feel fortunate to have made it through a morning, a day's work and gotten everyone home, fed and to bed and can't bring myself to pick everything up.

The house will never be spotless, but I'm trying my best to put things away more, toss a little more and get rid of the clutter in my life!


Kelly said...

Here's a suggestion that might help - move to an 800 sq ft apartment! :) You have no choice but to put things away and get rid of things, you run out of places to put them. Just kidding of course, love your blog though. Sorry my new years card will be added to your pile of things!

Anonymous said...

You might get that box hoarding thing from Dad!

The Bormann Family said...

HA! Too bad we have 800 sq feet of kids toys!!

Tara said...

Looking back - you'll forget about the messiness and only remember the great memories you're making with those boys!
Enjoy each moment...screw the house! (Gosh, that should be on one of those signs that people put on their walls) Classic :-)

And I have a HUGE pile of clothes too!

Keep posting - Tara


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