Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We weren't doing anything wrong, trouble finds us!

My young ones have selective hearing when it comes to "no". Our biggest issue right now is that they hit! Every morning I bring them to daycare and the first thing they do is pick up toys and hit other kids over the head. They do this to each other to and surprising don't cry (they have done this to me and it HURTS!). So we are working on "gentle/soft" touches. We are finding redirecting their attention to something else like "shake the toy" instead of hit with the toy works best. I have also given a couple of time-outs. Which is no fun for any of us! There teacher at daycare thinks they are ready for their next room with the older kids and more activities, but they don't move up until March.

Here I think they are planning their next move and are not interested in me listening in.

I think we will be lucky if we make it to two without a broken bone.


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Jon and Jennifer said...

Gosh Jess you're boys are super crazy standing on their toys...wow!!! My guys would never do that....not that that's a good thing mine are little scaredy cats compared to your guys :) too funny!! You and Keith have your hands full for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Like mother like son???

Pietigs said...

Those pics are HILARIOUS!! I wonder where they get their love for climbing?? I remember someone climbing a tree when she was younger, falling out, and breaking her arm... :)

The Bormann Family said...

They are CRAZY with climbing, it's all they want to do so we are constantly chasing/pulling them off and out of things. I don't think they have too many fears outside of eating vegetables and sweets! They may come by it naturally, apparently I was a little bit naughty and on the wild side as a toddler.


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