Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two things...

I have been trying a new fun thing with the boys that has been going well. Every night when I tuck them in, I seperately ask them two things:  what was something good you did today and what was your favorite thing you did today?

Tonight they both told me our dance party was their favorite thing!  Tonight we transformed Dylan and Carter's bedroom into a pretty sweet disco dance party.  Lights out, loud music, flashlights and as many of our light up toys that I could find.  Only rule, you have to wear a hat (Carter refused, but Dylan and I rocked out with a few).  And jumping and dancing on the beds is a must!  We'll have to that again some night.  Wish you could have seen Dylan tearing it up, he was so into it!  I didn't think Carter was having that much fun, but he didn't want me to turn the music off, so it must have been a hit.
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Andrea said...

such a sweet idea! i bet you get the best responses. :) kids are always so honest, and genuine.


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