Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Bormann House Dictionary

If you spend enough time at the Bormann house, you may want to have these notes handy because these things do come up….

White Cereal Bar:  special Kay 2pack bars
Square Cereal Bar:  the square ones – not sure the brand
Juicy Water:  Sprite – not to be confused with “pop”, it’s Sprite.  Sometimes Sprite & Water:  Also, this is only sold at restaurants and sometimes Carter thinks it’s spicy. 
Fruity Water:  This is a glass of ice water with a splash of juice, this is one of their new favorites
Pink Steak:  Salmon
White Salmon:  They think this is Salmon, but it is really Tilapia or any other white fish we cook up
Car’s Soup “Spices”:  The little carrots in the soup, they still only eat these half the time
The Carter Special: This is when I add butter and garlic cheese sprinkles to bread and bake to make garlic bread
Pile of Blankets in the living room:  the nest, the egg, the mud, sometimes oatmeal, a house – the list continues to grow
Hammer Hand:  When Dylan converts his hand into a fist for hammering
Float Car:  Car Carter made that is for floating in the water
Colored Cheerios: used to really be colored cheerios, now they are fruit loops
Jigglers:  Jello
Scrubbed up:  Keith always tells them this during their bath, so now they will say, “mom, I’m not scrubbed up yet.”
The Fours:  They are in the 3 room, but they talk about the 4s room often
Coach Kirby or Mr. Kirby:  Carter will say, no, it’s Coach Kirby.  He does Jump Bunch with them once a week at school
Black Shoes:  Black Target Crocs, those won’t fit much longer
Pear Sticks:  Pears sliced up like sticks
Sample:  Keith gives them little sample bites of dinner – it helps does wonders for them trying
A pink thing:  These are Sponge Bob Yogurts in the tube.  They won’t touch Yogurt and we finally got Carter to eat these, but are careful to not call them yogurt.  HE LOVES THESE.
Bolly Pops:  These are bomb pops.  Not sure why Carter calls them this, but I try to tell him not to ask people for them because they will have no idea what he is talking about.
Duck Duck, Moose Guy, Giraffe Guy:  All stuffed animals
Yellow Blanky:  Dylan’s two
Blue Blanky:  Carter’s two
The workers:  you will hear about the workers often!  The workers at McDonalds, the workers at Target, the workers on the road, sometimes we are the workers
The Target Police:  The people who will get us in trouble if we drink ices while shopping
Fish Sticks & Chicken Strips:  Use these interchangeable depending on which one I get a positive response on for dinner. For example, if I hear, “I don’t like fish sticks” the they hear, “Oh good because I made chicken strips, yum!”  I often just call things “meat” and let them decide.  Sometimes they think ham is turkey or the turkey is ham- whatever they eat works for me.
Circle Pieces:  summer sausage
Races:  We do a lot of races around the house
Messy chips: usually doritos

Here are a couple pictures from our little Halloween project.  It was a kit- actually much easier than it looks.  Don't want to touch it too much, might fall right over!
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter