Friday, October 12, 2012

3 months

OK - so I thought i better do this quick because she is pretty darn close to 4 months!

Look how big our girl is getting!  I think i love her more and more each day.  My favorite thing right now is that she will look at me and her eyes will focus in and the moment she realizes it's me, she almost always gets a huge smile on her face.  This girl just LOVES to listen to you talk and talk back. She just focuses in so close on your face and takes in every little word.  So what's happening:

  • Usually do 6 ounce bottles, she seems to eat 5.  We have been doing a bit less since she has been spitting up a lot lately
  • She's been a little sick the last few days, but has seemed much better tonight
  • She LOVES her baths
  • We are in 2 diapers- tried a one tonight and it barely snapped
  • Such a good little girl, totally goes with the flow! 
  • Loves to snuggle with mommy!
  • She just found her voice last week and talks and talks and talks.  She works so hard sometimes to get her little words out that she almost yells or seems mad, but gets so excited to tell you stories.
  • Finally sleeping good in her pack and play, we need to start working on getting longer stretches of sleep
  • She seems to do pretty well at daycare, she doesn't sleep much there, so that helps her sleep good at home
  • Sure do wish I could spend more time hanging out with this little one!  
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Mom said...

345You have three beautiful babies and they have a beautiful & wonderful mom!

Mom said...

Hmmmmm is her hair getting red?


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