Sunday, October 21, 2012


I just tucked my 3 year olds into bed for the last time and will wake up to two four year olds in the AM!
Oh my, I can hardly believe my little boys are already 4!!!! We made!  (not sure if we ever make it as parents:)

I think the boys had a fabulous time celebrating on Saturday.  Of course I went a little crazy on the decorations and having fun with it, but heck, how many times do we get to have a 4 year old birthday party.  Might as well make the most out of it.  I also have a sales meeting all day tomorrow and tomorrow night so I am going to miss out on them for their actual birthday, so I am feeling a bit bummed about that.  I'm planning on taking them to Climb Iowa within the next week or so.  They like climbing, so I can only imagine they will have a great time. 

I guess I forgot to tell them to make a wish. Of course I only wish for them to be healthy and to have a fabulous year full of lots of fun, enjoyable moments with friends and family and to enjoy every little moment as HAPPY little boys.  Wishing for those really hard days behind us and more fun ones ahead.  I'm always thankful for our little family and couldn't be more blessed.

Dylan trying a bite of Carers.

My camera didn't work so well in the dark, but I sure wish all of you could have seen some of the dancing I witnessed.  Carter was pulling out dance moves that I have never seen, not sure where he learned them.  Cade is pretty well known to tear up a dance floor.  Dylan rocked the floor as well.  Oliver was digging jumping on the bed (because that is absolutely allowed during dance party) - then he bumped his head (perhaps we should re-evaluate dance party rules…of course he did violoate dance party rule #1:  must wear a fun hat! Had he obliged by dance party rule #1, the hat may have served as a barrier???)  Next time helmets!  Even Alec had a good time!
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Amber Maddux said...

Happy Birthday Dylan & Carter - it has been a joy watching you grow through your momma's blog :)


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