Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A rare event for the Bormann's.  US OUT OF THE HOUSE - NO KIDS!!!!  We never get babysitters, but a bunch of friends were getting together for an ISU game, so we thought it would be a fun time to get out.

One of the boys' favorite teachers came to watch them.  They had a BLAST.  They were so excited for her to come - they asked a zillion times when she was coming and about every half hour Dylan would look out the window to see if she was here.  Once she arrived they showed her everything - Carter was just rambling off things - that's our dog Stella, here's my blue blanky, do you know Ben down the street….  So they were in good hands!  Olivia hung out with my mom and even stayed the night so we were baby free for the evening (THANKS MOM!!!).  OF course I missed her a ton and was so happy to see her in the morning.

I LOVE tailgating and the weather was absolutely perfect and we had a great spot.  Not quite like the days of getting in line at Tip ToP and starting at 6 am and spending the day stumbling through the student lots- but still a lot of fun.  Hey, look - we actually went to the game too!  For those of you who have never tailgated at ISU, it's quite the experience.  You should probably go ahead and add it to your bucket list.  It was our friend Julie's husbands first time.  HE AGREED, nothing quite like it and I think he plans on returning next season.  

A Little more half-time tailgating

I was shocked by how many people were in attendance for the game.  It was also a "red out" - the stadium was a sea of red, it looked pretty cool!

We are hoping to get the boys back up to Ames for their first ISU game.  We will see if the weather allows that to happen!  WE are hoping either next year or the year following to start getting season tickets.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter