Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my life and a half eaten piece of bread

Here is a blast of Olivia pics…I sure do love this little girl.  Do you think those cheeks will get any bigger??  I LOVE when she smiles at me.

About that half eaten piece of bread.  Tonight when I opened the freezer I thought, why is there a piece of bread in my freezer.  Why is this piece of bread in my freezer half eaten?  Little bites.   Oh that's right, Carter has been into freezing things lately.  I guess some things taste better that way.

You never know what you might see or discover around here.  This evening when I walked into the door, the boys were looking at each others' throats with flashlights.  They recently learned about the hangy ball.  It was quite funny, I wish I could have taken a video.

Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch.  Mom, I got a bunch of bugs!  Me - not really shocked at all.  Then he showed me, they were DISGUSTING.  A bunch of black beetle looking things.  So I frantically try to get him to toss the bugs and run - no they are really nice bugs mom.  Long story short, finally got my point across and he thinks they bite now and are mean bugs.

I'm certain my yard, front step, driveway, landscaping, and a few neighbors' front steps will forever be a bit sparkly with a hint of glitter.  You know what they say about glitter. (I'll leave it family friendly)  Anyway- I had a pumpkin painting pinterest itch for months now.  I don't have any pictures because I can't say they were pin-worthy, plus we did it in about 30 minutes and I didn't really have a game plan.  I did manage to get a cute black b on one pumpkin, only to look up 3 minutes later to Carter leaning into it.  Did I mention we added a hint of black to Carter and Dylan's coats (at least they are last-years!).

Forgot to mention how darn close I was to that 200 million dollar powerball ticket.  My office goes in together on tickets and our tickets were purchased at the gas station of the winning ticket.  Don't get much closer than that!  Right place, wrong time.  I was still hopeful for about a week that the girl who buys them was just busy plotting a way to keep the winnings.  But the winners came forward - much luck to them:)  
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