Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phone Dump

I've been a bad blogger- don't be surprised. Well, really I had this idea to do a garage sale and it took over ever free second (sleeping time) that I had.  It's over now - outside of the cleaning up to do needed in my now, very messy garage.  Plus I have not been feeling well, finally discovered today I may have some allergies, or at least the allergy medicine made me feel much better!  So that is great b/c I was about falling asleep at stoplights while driving to work this week.  Don't worry, I didn't.

So a bit of this.  Our little girl is doing pretty well sleeping for us- she at least sleeps in her pack and play and generally we aren't doing any middle of the night feedings.... YEAH!  Usually top her off 11ish and she usually wakes around the 5:00 hour and then likes to sleep as long as she can after that bottle.

I just love this one!!!

Alec in his chair - getting to be such a big boy

Not sure if I posted this one already.  Our neighbors got a pool this summer - which quickly became Carter and Dylan's favorite thing to do.  One day they had company over and Carter so desperately wanted to go over and swim - he planted himself on the deck - just watching, I thought he might fall asleep like that.  

The boys love pulling their tractors and wagons around, Carter was pretty proud of this one.

Sweet.....for a second:)

This looks like trouble!!

The boys love coloring these wooden objects I buy at Michael's.  These ones are light houses - I'll buy anything that costs a $1 if it entertains my kids for extended periods of time.

This is why our white shirts aren't white.

I was pretty impressed with Carter's solution to fixing his train track. 

Water + measuring spoons + bowls + cups = 98% success rate of 1 hour+ of solid entertainment.  DO THIS - Your kids will love it, you will love the peace! (maybe you won't love washing/putting your dishes away_

Olivia was not loving her pacifier for a few days - me, determined mom not giving up on the pacifier. Judge me all you want, I don't know how you parents do it without the pacifier.  It's brought so much comfort and peace to all of my kids and us countless times.  Good news - she is loving her agent! 

Finally had a fire!  This is Niles, he lives across the street and I'm pretty sure he will be Olivia's boyfriend at least 1-5 times over the next 18 years.  However, I think the girl babies out number boy babies on the street, so Niles can be picky:)

Another shot from the football game.

Who doesn't play baseball in a tie?

Look who can sit in the bumbo! 

This Jeep has been racking up the miles the past couple of weeks.

I was so proud of Dylan for building these boats.  I had bought these crafts at Michael's and it came in pieces for assembly.  We had not gotten around to doing it (big surprise) and one day we were playing downstairs and I went over to see what Dylan had been doing since quiet is generally trouble, but he had put these together all by himself.  It's not exactly how it's supposed to go, it comes with two sails and some rope to put them together.  Instead he glued the sails on.  I thought he did a pretty darn good job for doing it all by himself!!!  
And he's out.  These two are obsessed with watching this one episode of the Wiggles - Wiggle Bay.  It's only like 30 minutes and they watch it over and over and over.  Then they sing all the time - on our way to wiggle bay...  This morning on the way to school they changed the words to On our way to School.  It would help if you knew the tune to the song.

Not sure if I posted it.  It's worthy of a repost.  We picked out new school folders - this was Carter's pick.  It seems he must really like horses b/c he told the teachers he wanted to be a horse when he grows up.  Haven't heard much of that since! 

Just reason 1,876 that I dislike bubbles.

Look who found her thumb!  This girl loves her hands.

Little building project - notice Oliver has two hammers. THis boy is so funny, he loves his tools and sports! 

Keith was traveling for about an entire week.  Keith's mom came up to help me out for the week (HUGE THANK YOU, as we probably would not have eaten otherwise.  Plus the boys were getting in trouble quite a bit that week at home and school, so I really needed the extra hands to keep this ship from completely blowing up)

One night (or most nights) both boys ended up in bed with me.  THe top pic I took when I got up to get ready.  Then I came back and they were like this pic below.  Completely sound asleep!

Olivia at the football game

Carter found a new hiding spot -actually this is one of Stella's favorites.

This shirt says sweet pea- I call her that often, so it is fitting.

They always love this toy!  Getting so big:)

We had to get this girl a bunting since she is outside non-stop.  She totally goes with the flow and doesn't mind it a bit!

Hope you enjoyed the updates, I'll try to do a better job, but no guarantees.

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