Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Party Helper

To no surprise Dylan was really into getting everything ready for the party!  NO JOKE!  It was a beautiful day and Carter spent the afternoon out playing, while Dylan stayed by my side.  

This was his idea here.  He found the table cloths, gave me one for the kitchen table, found this one, insisted we go ahead and put up the table and put it together.  

Dylan was super pumped about the boats.  We had talked about doing this a few weeks prior, so he was really excited about the Jello part.  Even more excited once he tried one of those orange slices.  

a few looked more like ship wrecks!  Carter took a play break for a cup of Jello.

I turned around at one point and on his own he had a box of wheat things and a Tupperware container to put them out.  We did actually need them out, so I got him a different bowl and we were set.  Then he put all the other crackers and fish into other buckets.  He also helped me break up the lasagna noodles for the soup!  

Notice the red plates???  Last year we had a red party, so probably about a month ago we were at Target and he insisted on buying these for the party because we had red last year:)  I had an idea about adding red paper to them to make Lobster plates- too much work:)  He kept getting out the rest of our plastic bowls and plates as well-I put them away and told him we have some, five minutes later they would be back on the table!  He also put our little sea decorations out too!  

And my favorite- I kept telling them not to pop balloons because it took a lot of air to blow them all up. So at one point during the day, he had me get down on my knees so I could be eye to eye with him, so he could give me more air:)  He opened my mouth and blew a breath of air at me and told me he gave me my air back!  

This kid shows up for clean up duty too (prob his favorite), he took down all the streamers.
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