Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Isn't she sweet

I'm sure I'll be paying for it any day now, but so far this little girl is such a good little girl.  One night this week she fell asleep so I put her in the mumaroo and went upstairs to put some clothes away.  I came back down and she was sitting there wide awake just looking around - didn't say a peep!  The only time she really gives me a hard time is when I'm alone with her in the car, she likes to cry then.  Some trips I have to make like 5 stops.  And her spitting up, but she even does that with a smile.  Poor girl, you slightly move her after a feeding and she spits up.  Tonight she got me 4 times, but I can't get mad with her sweet little smiles - she's like what mom?  I'm sorry about that!  She's so darn close to rolling over now, she seemed pretty impressed with herself rolling onto her side tonight making all sorts of sounds.

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