Monday, October 4, 2010

Sever's Corn Maze

On Sunday we went to Sever's Corn Maze with the boys and Keith's parents. We had a blast! The weather was great and the boys are at a the perfect age for all the activities.
They loved the petting zoo.
The corn pool was a huge hit. I have about 10 pictures like the one below of Carter because he had a huge smile the entire time. They got a huge kick out of jumping into it and sinking.
They did pony rides, I think Carter liked it a little more than Dylan, which was good because he had a wild horse.
They had a kids maze made with haystacks, anytime they can run, we are all doing good!
The jumbo slide was a Dylan favorite, we had to go two times! I think he would have gladly gone 10 times.
We ate some fun snacks, picked out pumpkins and then it was time to go!
What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Any of you in the Minnesota area, I would highly recommend it! It was a lot busier than last year, but there are so many fun things to do with the kids.

Dylan was really into the small pumpkins! 
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Mom said...

They looked like they had a GREAT time. I'm sorry to have missed it!


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