Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our two are two!

We had a mini celebration for the boys on their birthday.  We always have to convince them to try these kind of things, then they love them.  We are having their actual party this weekend in Iowa, so that will be fun!
We had their two year appointment on Tuesday.  I'm thinking the shots are going to get harder and harder as they get older.  They are usually pretty good about them, but cried pretty hard this round.  I always laugh at these stats with the two of them, because half a pound completely swings the percentile.

Weight:  28.6 lbs, 58%
Height:  35.5, 78%
Head:  19.6, 78%

Weight: 29 lbs 13 oz, 72%

Height: 35, 66%
Head: 19.3, 59%

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Jon & Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Carter and Dylan you've gotten so big and are such handsome boys! Have a great party this weekend!


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